Cheetah Set

Cheetah Set



  • Layered PSD files for simple modifications and customization

  • (1) 2x6 inch templates @ 300 dpi [Includes single strip for Queso owners]

  • (1) 4x6 inch templates @ 300 dpi 

  • Made to Social Booth Specifications for simple installation

  • All colors, fonts and text are customizable 

PLEASE NOTE: For help incorporating these designs into your Photo Booth, please consult your Photo Booth manual. We do not provide assistance beyond the customization of the templates in Photoshop.

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PLEASE NOTE:  This Template uses fonts that may require being purchased - due to licensing, we can not provide this font to you however we are more than happy to customize the lettering for you prior for your next two events or give you the link to purchase the font. Please email with your receipt and the requested information for the print template.