Frequently asked questions:

What does the booked time include? 

Booked time starts at the requested live time and continues sequentially for the requested amount of hours. You can not break up the booked hours however you can book idle hours at a lower rate if there is a period of time between the start and finish that does not require the booth to be actively in use.

Example: 4 hours are booked with a requested start time of 6pm. Mugshot will arrive at 5pm to set up and ensure the booth is live and active at 6pm to be available for guest for 4 hours until 10pm.

How many prints do my guest get? 

The number of prints per guest per event will vary depending on which package is booked. The specifics are included below:

Light Weight Package: No prints are included; digital assets only.

Heavy Weight Package: 2 prints per session - there is an upgrade option to include unlimited prints

Knock Out Package: Unlimited Prints

what props come with each package?

We will put together a variety of props that we believe will best fit your event based on your event on boarding form. If you have a specific set of props you are just dying to have there - just drop us a note and we will make sure it is there for you and your guest to play with!

Absolutely, we will always make sure to get your final OK on the print design before the day of event. We will typically finalize the print design As early as 1 month prior to the event.

Can I see the photo strip before the event?

Typically the booth is set up to accommodate 5-10 people but the best part of the open air photo booth is we can accommodate up to 10-15 people in a single picture! If you anticipate this being a common occurrence throughout the night - make note in your on boarding form and we will make adjustments to the booth’s camera to ensure that everyone in the shot is in focus and looking hot!

How many people can the photo booth hold?

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