Our Favorite Bach Party Trends


  1. Themed stay-cation Party

You’ve heard of Coachella right? I mean, who hasn’t? It’s only one of the biggest music festivals every year! Now just eliminate the massive crowd, over priced everything and add your favorite gals and some beautifully set private pool party bo-ho vibes and you get a Bachella Weekend Getaway! This is our personal fav when it comes to giving your bride the best last fling before the ring! Let us tell you why….

A stay-cation weekend with your favorite ladies can eliminate a lot of the stresses and potential drama of the crazy night out for your ladies last big hoorah. Who wants the drunken dudes coming over and killing the ladies night vibe with their weird come on’s or the rogue bridesmaid that got lost going to the bathroom and nobody knows where she went?

Gimme my babes, booze and some pool floaties in our own private house party! Some other fun themes we have been seeing have been Wimbledon Whites, Last Shot before tying the Knot (omg… yess), Bae Watch, and much much more! We may have to do a blog post just on all the themes.

Photography: Alexandria Monette

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 2.02.08 PM.png

2. Man Servants are the New Strippers

Not everyone wants the typical raunchy dicks everywhere on everything kind of bachelorette party. As fun as the penis filled headband is for your bride - we are seeing a new trend popping up lately. For the classy lady that still wants just a hint of junk being flaunted… let us introduce - the half naked man servant!

It’s perfect!! It’s still the excitement of having an oiled up hunk readily available to be oogle’d while he refills your cocktail without the intrusive junk thrust to the chest that comes with the hired male strippers (ladies, you know what I’m talking about ;)


3. Survival kits

Now if you do the bachelorette party right - we all know - the next day is going to be brutal. We are loving these plan ahead maids of honor who are pre-planning for those day after feels. Here are some of the critical survival kit ingredients:

  • Redbull

  • Mini bottle of bubbles

  • Advil

  • Water or Pedialite

  • Gum or Mouthwash

  • Sunglasses

  • Granola bar

The best part of these is there is no wrong combination - As long as you have something to hype up the tired, hydrate the drunk, and cover the mess the next day - you are good!