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Photo Booth


The Basics


The Booth 




Custom prints


Fit the Whole Family

Gone are the days of squishing at most 3 people into a photobooth where half of your faces are cut out of the picture. The Mug Shot Booth is a modern, open air booth that will let you fit the whole family in a single hi-res image!! 



We have several killer options to choose from included in all of our packages however, like most of our features, the sky's the limit. If you found that backdrop you can't live without on Pinterest - we can work with you to make that happen. We love getting creative and have a florist on hand to help make your wildest dreams come true!! 


Tweet's worth a 1000 words

This is our newest feature that will let your guest post their photo booth pictures with your logo  or wedding hashtag STRAIGHT TO SOCIAL MEDIA!! That’s right, let your guest show off how much fun they are having instantly to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


Custom Prints

The sky’s the limit with custom prints. We can easily overwhelm you with all the options for our print packages, but let’s keep it simple. All instant prints are fully customizable to truly let your guest walk away with an image worth much more than a 1000 words. We have a variety of print templates you can choose from or you can work with our knockout graphic design team to put together the right wedding logo for your special night.


Go Ahead  & Take a Shot

Ready to take the next step and see if Mug Shot is available for your next big event? Fill out a short form and a Mug Shot Master will be in contact with you shortly!!